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Scrap Metal Recycling Manchester

According to the BMRA (Britsh Metals Recycling Association) the UK’s metal recycling industry is now worth £5 billion.Scrap metal can originate from commercial and residential use. Whether it’s ferrous or non-ferrous metal, the processing of this into vital secondary raw material for the smelting of brand new metals is absolutely key. Scrap metals have a high market value, with their ability to be re-used again and again. E.g. electricians might have wires and electrical equipment, plumbers are likely to have used copper piping and brass fixtures and even construction firms will have steel that could be quite literally given a new lease of life. But all too regularly these are tossed into the dump due to lack of knowledge and sources for metal recycling. Sharwil Metal Co Ltd can help recycling your scrap metal and conserve more of our precious natural materials.


Before recycling any metals, the first important step is to determine whether a metal is ferrous or non-ferrous. This is a very straightforward process and requires only a common magnet. If the magnet sticks to your metal, it is a ferrous metal. If the metal does not stick to your magnet it is a non-ferrous metal. The most valuable scrap metals for recycling are non-ferrous; the most common of which are those that do not contain iron and are more resistant to corrosion, including copper, brass, aluminium, zinc, magnesium, tin, lead and nickel. Ferrous metals are less valuable to metal recyclers but they will still recoup some value if you have enough of it. This includes metals such as steel and iron. Steel can be found in so many places; from cars to chairs, cabinets, shelving and more. THE MOST VALUABLE NON-FERROUS METALS FOR RECYCLING • Brass – Easily found on door handles, light fittings, keys and plumbing fixtures, brass is one of the most common yet in-demand non-ferrous metals. • Aluminium – Yet another metal that’s often found in so many places around a regular home, aluminium can be recycled and re-used in an alternative guise within a matter of a months. Empty drinks and food cans are the most common places to find this metal, but areas such as guttering, siding, internal and external door and window frames are also good places to look. • Copper – Another common metal regularly found in the structure of homes across the country, copper is also very valuable to recycle and very much in-demand at scrap yards. If the copper itself is in good condition it will be reddish in colour, but more worn copper fixtures and fittings will appear dark brown and sometimes green in places. It’s a versatile metal which means it is regularly used as plumbing pipes, as a roofing material for guttering, with common electric wires and even inside air conditioning units.

Sharwil Metal Co Ltd, contact us today for excellent scrap metal and scrap metal recycling in Manchester and surrounding areas.