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Whether you have any unwanted copper pipes or you’re desperate to get rid of your gardening equipment, we are here to help. We will buy; copper and lead water tanks, copper and lead pipes, roofing lead, cast iron baths, brass taps and shower heads, electrical wiring and cabling, stainless steel sinks, cookers and hoods, washing machines and dishwashers, farming and garden tools and machinery, metal drums and more! Get in touch with us today for a better insight into what Sharwil Metals can do for you.


Look no further than us for all your scrap needs. Our quality cable recycling will recover whatever metals you need.

We Always Offer the Current Day Rate for Scrap with a collection Service Available


Recycle your cables here, with our thorough services. Ring Sharwil Metal Co Ltd based in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, for efficient cable recycling.

Reliable Recycling

Look no further than us for all the cable recycling you could possible need. Our processing includes the recovery plastic from certain copper cables, as well as a number of metals, such as:
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Brass


Utilise the skills of the experts for all your metal recovery. Once sampled and graded, the cable is then granulated. This granulating process is used to separate any metals other than copper from the outer layers of the cable. The inner copper cord is then shredded to reduce its size. This process then divides the copper and plastic into small granules. The end product of this granulation process is of sufficient quality that it is able to be re-used in the creation of new copper and plastic materials.
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